thisisneverthat® × Grateful Dead
thisisneverthat and the legendary American rock band Grateful Dead have reunited.

Grateful Dead pioneered the original festival scene of the 1960’s and their influence continued well into the 1990’s.
Today, with the resurgence of festival culture at events like Coachella, Burning Man, and EDC, the brand of Grateful Dead is experiencing a renewed vitality, resonating with fans of all generations.
They have maintained their identity up to the present day through their iconic imagery such as Steal Your Face, Skull and Roses, and the Dancing Bears, and have amassed devoted fans of all generations cultivated by decades of album releases, tours, a strong rooted community, and most importantly iconic imagery.
Grateful Dead's iconic imagery lives across endless product categories, and in the collaboration with thisisneverthat, we will show not only vintage textiles and graphics, but also autumn and winter items such as varsity jackets, jacquard shirts, knit sweaters, as well as lifestyle items including knit bags and jacquard cushions.

Experience a fresh take on Grateful Dead, inspired by the unique vintage vibe of thisisneverthat.

Available In-store 10/6(Fri.) 12pm KST and Online 10/6(Fri.) 10am KST
• JP In-store and Online 10/6(Fri.) 12pm JST
• US Online 10/5(Thu.) 6pm PDT 9pm EDT
• EU Online 10/6(Fri.) 3am CEST
• CN Online 10/6(Fri.) 9am CST