thisisneverthat® × Loco
Loco, who has returned with his second full-length album [WEAK], met with thisisneverthat.
This album comprises 10 tracks, with double title songs ‘NOT OK (Feat. MINNIE)’ and ‘BROKEN IPHONE (Feat. Woo).’
It features a diverse range of producers, including PEEJAY, Mokyo, and Slom, and unique artists like Lil Cherry and SUMIN, enhancing the album’s overall quality.
Additionally, Loco has teamed up with thisisneverthat, a brand that deeply resonates with his journey, to unveil a collection of collaborative products, including hoodies, t-shirts and his signature piece: the beanie.
Meet the genuine story of Loco, who overcame weakness over a long period of time.

Available In TUNE Seongsu Store 10/20(Fri.) 15pm KST and thisisneverthat® Online 10/21(Sat.) 10am KST