thisisneverthat® × Public Release
Public Release is the record label of Eugene Whang, known as a DJ and designer, and has released over twenty-seven records; LP’s, EP’s, and singles. Eugene worked as a prominent industrial designer at Apple for many years, and also works as a DJ under his nickname “Eug”. He is based in San Francisco, and plays regularly in SF, New York, Tokyo and more frequently Seoul. Eug has released music with artists such as Earth Boys, Lauer, Khotin, Licaxxx, Kim Ann Foxman, Soulwax and many more. The label, Public Release, has constantly worked in a unique and organic approach without being tied to a particular cadence, or schedule.

The collaboration of thisisneverthat® × Public Release is based on the theme of “Feel It” and “Feeling”, the identity and direction of Public Release. It consists of pieces such as a DJ bag for headphones and managing USB sticks, hoodies, tees, and other accessories. This has particular significance in that it is their first collaboration in Korea.

Available In-store 2/13(Mon.) 12pm KST and Online 2/13(Mon.) 10am KST
• JP In-store and Online 2/13(Mon.) 12pm JST
• US Online 2/12(Sun.) 5pm PST 8pm EST
• EU Online 2/13(Mon.) 2am CET
• WeChat 2/13(Mon.) 9am CST